Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Relationshippy things

I am approaching age 40 and I'm divorced. It's been an interesting ride being single at this age. While I do love my space and being able to make my choices without consulting anyone else, I don't love being by myself all the time. In this day and age, Internet dating is all the rage. I decided to join a site about a year ago. I haven't gotten any real dates but I have learned a whole lot about what men are looking for.

Ya know, I just assumed that at my age men would be realistic about what to expect. When you're approaching 40 you can't always expect to find women who are skinny and modelesque, who wax and get their nails done and stink of yummy body spray! I'm cushy and have age spots and don't have time to fancify my nails and hair and wax everything! In fact, at this age the whole hippie/granola look is more and more appealing!

Well a couple weeks ago I started texting one of the guys I met on the Internet who seemed real nice. The very first thing he asked for was a picture. Okay, fair enough I thought, so I sent him one. The next thing he asked...what are your measurements? Really? Way to woo a girl buddy! Because how many 40 year old single moms do YOU know that measure themselves everyday in case a guy wants to know? Ugh. Yeah I told him to step off.

About the same time I started getting messages from a 49 year old guy. Now I'm pretty open minded and willing to give people a chance even if there's a little age difference, but to be fair I really am only 38. Besides, I didn't find him attractive anyway. So I just ignored his messages. Well he got more and more persistent. Finally I tried to nicely but clearly let him know that he was too old and not my type. He responded with, "well you're fat but since I'm older I figured we were pretty even." at this point I realized that not only am I done with Internet dating...I may be done with dating for good! Maybe I shouldn't judge all men based on the ones I've met online...maybe there's someone great out there for me. For now though, I've deleted my online accounts and decided to enjoy the relationships I have with people who love me for me...cushy, kind, imperfect, loveable me.


  1. You are so amazing! Glad you are back to blogging. I missed it.

  2. That's ridiculous! I can't believe someone asked for your measurements! Or called you fat! LAME! Better off without those losers, I say.